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Have usage or IT questions but aren’t sure who to call? You’re not alone. Over 90% of all business have no dedicated point-of-contact for their employees when something goes wrong with their computer or they simply have a question. Luckily, we’re here to help fill in that void.
OmniVApp~ CRM (powered by OmniV~App Suites) helps provide committed support for your employees issues. You can call on-demand for those times when you have a specific question or sign up for one of our affordable support plans which entitle you to unlimited calls.
You can even bundle our helpdesk service with one of our comprehensive IT management plans and get complete network support at a great price. 
Whether it is a question about making your computer run better or an emergency in the middle of the night*, OmniV Systems is there for you when you need us.
Proudly Servicing Customers in the intercontinental united states for all phone supported issues with Remote Support.
We can also provide onsite support for per  the Eastern United Statesarea (New York, New Jersy, Pennsylvania) at additionl service and travel hourly rates.
Service outside those areas are build at a daily rate not including air-fair, car & hotel rentals.
For additional information, please feel free to Contact Us today.
For additional information on our OmniV~ App Suite, please feel free to Contact Us today.
*Additional rates may apply for after hours support calls when no support contract has been taken. 

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