Email & Webmail Services

Do we host your email? If so you can access your webmail services with the following information. - Remember to replace the YOURDOMAIN with your actual domain or this wont work. Webmail

If you have an email address visit:

Domain Management

To manage your emails or domain accounts visit -

User Self Management

To manage your own email account visit -

Configuring Email Clients

If you are using an email client please use the following information.

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

  • In order to send emails through our network you must first authenticate yourself. You can use SMTP Authentication and use the same setting as your Incoming Mail Server

Account: your full email address -

Password: your email password

Email Account Status:

The account status field in the authentication database allows the domain controller to easily enable / disable individual mail accounts. This is the "Account Status" setting in the Web Admin interface (NWAuth field: mailstatus). This setting can have one of the following values:

Incoming SMTP

POP WEB IMAP Sending SMTP Response codes
ok,good Y Y Y Y Y  
suspended Y N N N N Account suspended.
cancelled N N N N N Account cancelled
banned,bad N N N N N This account has been banned for inappropriate use.
closed N N N N N Account closed.
paydue,due Y Y Y Y Y  
payup Y N N N N Please pay to continue service.
readonly N Y Y Y N Account is only allowed to read email.

Email Ports: 

SMTP: 25,587 - In order to send emails through our network you must first authenticate yourself. 

POP: 110
POP SSL: 995

IMAP: 143

If you are having any issues accessing any links or need assistance setting up your account or client please let us know. If we can use our Remote Support to assist you please follow those instructions before you give us a call.


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