About Us

OmniV Global Systems, LLC. was originally  founded in 1998 then as CC Universal Productions, LTD. Since that time we have grown into the business we are today delivering the most robust services to meet all of your digital needs.  Over the past decade we have devoted ourselves to the advancement in the online experience from interactive applications to full featured intranet applications and even social media services. In 2006 CC Universal Productions, LTD restructured its business model to include digital security and online protective services and of course changing its name to OmniV Systems. Over the course of 2006-2009 OmniV Systems expanded its core network over 375% allowing for more services to be offered on our digital platform.

Since 2010 OmniV Systems has expanded at a rate of 35% allowing us to expand our services to include Visitor Tracking, POS & Check Cashing Solutions, Chain of Custody and E-Commerce Protection. Although we have grown we did not forget where we started. Keeping the services that made us who we are where a vital strength in how we grew. Services like website & email hosting, digital prints and graphic design.

In January of 2011 OmniV System turned up the security and began running its Core Network Communications behind and 2048+ SSL encrypted network allowing for all back end communications for our payment & merchant service to remain secured from the public. As of June of 2011 our Core Network reaches across 3 states with no end in our sights.

In June of 2018 OmnIV~ Systems made even more strides forming OmniV~ Global Systems, LLC to announce ourselves to the global digital digital software market.

So… “Go Ahead and Dream it, We will build it…”

President/CEO - Victor M. Ocasio




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