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Google+ privacy flaw forces the service to speed up shutdown

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 18:56

While Alphabet Inc. initially intended to shut down its Google+ social media platform by August 2019 following a data breach, the company has pushed forward the date to April after the discovery of yet another critical security flaw.

In Google’s announcement, it stated that third-party applications briefly had access to approximately 52.5 million users’ personal data, adding that “no third party compromised our systems, and we have no evidence that the developers who inadvertently had this access for six days were aware of it or misused it in any way”.

So, are we safe?

The nature of the data that was exposed for almost a week was, thankfully, not financial in nature, but did include the affected users’ name, email address, occupation, images, age and more (see here for a full list).

Even if a user’s profile was set to private, or they had only shared this information exclusively with another user, their information was still accessible. However, Google has assured its users that no password or similarly critical data was affected.

As a result of this leak, the service’s shutdown has been pushed forward four months from August to April, and all Google+ APIs will be terminated in the next 90 days, ensuring no more third-party access or development using the platform’s data.

While this leak wasn’t as severe as the one we learned of in October, which exposed half a million users’ data for three years, this latest debacle for Google+ is well and truly the final nail in the coffin for the social media platform.

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Google Chrome for macOS Mojave to get dark mode in early 2019

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 18:15

The most popular feature of macOS 10.14 Mojave is, perhaps, the system-wide Dark Mode, with some software developers already updating their applications to adopt the new look. Google Chrome, however, is a little late to the party.

Although version 71 of Chrome was released this week, it doesn’t support a dark mode on macOS Mojave, but that’s about to change.

According to a Reddit thread, a Google developer submitted a code change a few days ago, suggesting that a dark theme for Chrome for macOS Mojave will be available in the near future.

The feature is currently in early beta testing as there are a few kinks that need to be ironed out before a public release.

Google, we have a problem

A bug report lists the issues Google is currently facing with the implementation of dark mode for the macOS Mojave version its web browser. However, the most telling issue is “how the dark mode for Mojave will be distinguishable from Incognito mode”.

Google already uses a dark theme to differentiate between a regular Chrome window and its Incognito (private) window, but the same workarounds would not work for the new feature on Mojave.

“For Incognito mode (which is currently dark), developers used to call `chrome.browserAction.setIcon()` for every tab and use a lighter browser action icon when the tab is in an incognito window. But this workaround can’t be used to deal with dark themes, nor with the new dark mode, because there is no clue if the current theme is light or dark, and whether Mojave’s dark mode is turned on or off.”

However, the code change has passed the review process and will find its way into an upcoming stable release, most likely in early 2019.

Test drive

While Google figures out how to enable the feature, it’s available on the search giant’s open-source testing platform, Chromium. 

From there, code changes are implemented on Canary (an early-release testing browser), then on Chrome Dev, followed by Chrome Beta and finally to the publicly available browser itself, with the entire process taking approximately six weeks.

With Chrome 72 already in the pipeline for a January release, no new features will be added to it, so we’re hoping version 73 – which could arrive in March – brings dark mode support for Mojave.

In the meantime, though, third-party plugins are available on the Chrome Store to add the feature to the browser.

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Chromebooks for Christmas: the best Chromebooks to gift this season

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 16:07

So, you’re left with mere days before Christmas and one of the few people left on your shopping list has simply  asked for ‘a laptop.’ With so little information and a budget to consider, we’d suggest fulfilling that wish with one of the best Chromebooks on the market.

These laptops run the gamut from affordable and sufficient to impressive and luxurious, with Google’s lightning-fast Chrome OS powering the experience.

Since you’re left with little more than knowing your loved one wants a laptop, much less whether they'd prefer it run on Windows or Mac, Chrome OS is a good choice. It's based on Google’s Chrome web browser, so it should be easy for folks of all backgrounds to use a Chromebook.

With that, here are three Chromebooks we heartily recommend – across price points – for gifting to your loved ones this season.

The Dell Chromebook 11 is about one thing first and foremost: value. Reinforced by a 180-degree hinge, hardy design and a water-resistant keyboard and trackpad in addition to a hearty typing experience, this Chromebook is a pleasantly portable package. Not only properly equipped for education and work, the Dell Chromebook 11 even includes a set of booming stereo speakers for listening to tunes or watching movies. Don’t worry about banging it up, either, as this laptop remains the most rugged Chromebook we've reviewed.

Read the full review: Dell Chromebook 11

When Android apps arrived on the best Chromebooks, it wasn't long before Samsung took its mastery of the two operating systems and produced something truly amazing. With a 12.3-inch QHD touch display and a 360-degree hinge, the Samsung Chromebook Pro is lauded for its built-in stylus – the first of its kind to appear in a Chromebook. Not only does this laptop trump a majority of those in its own category, but it’s better than most Android tablets as well. Whomever you gift this to would be a happy camper for a long time.

Read the full review: Samsung Chromebook Pro

This is – bar none – the best Chromebook that money can buy. Not only can it run Android apps natively, it's almost the most powerful and capacious of its kind. (It's also by far the most attractive and pleasant to use.) When you throw in the impressive stylus and deep Google Assistant integration, it is no surprise that the Pixelbook is the best Chromebook of 2018 – even this long after its 2017 launch.

Read the full review: Google Pixelbook

If you didn’t find any of these Chromebook recommendations to your liking, then we invite you to check out our ranking of the best Chromebooks we’ve tested all year long.

Finally, check out this guide on how to run Android apps on your Chromebook – you know, for your giftee.

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This Nintendo Switch deal takes $25 off the top

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 15:02

In case you missed your chance to buy a heavily discounted Nintendo Switch, Best Buy has the next best thing with this bundled deal.

Best Buy taking $25 off a Nintendo Switch bundle that includes Mario Kart 8 and a pair of Joy-Con Wireless Wheels. That might not sound like savings that are too spectacular, but the discount effectively makes the Joy-Con Wireless Wheel a free accessory while taking $10 off a fantastic arcade racing game you really shouldn’t miss.

Post-Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we haven’t seen many deals that take the Nintendo Switch below its retail price, so a discount like this will become increasingly rare to find as we close in on the New Year. 

Once again, we’ll note that this is an especially good deal for those already set on buying Mario Kart 8 along with their new Nintendo Switch.

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Amazon's 12 days of deals: the best electronic deals today

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 13:40

Amazon's '12 Days of Deals' promotion only has a few days left, and so far the deals have included everything from toys and clothing to laptops and gaming accessories.

Amazon's 9th day of deals is all about electronics. Today only the retail giant is discounting tech gadgets such as headphones, security cameras, chargers and more. However, the  biggest standout deal from today's sale is the Insignia 39-inch HD Smart TV for $179.99. 

That's a $70 discount and a fantastic price for the 39-inch Smart TV that has Amazon's Fire TV operating system built-in.

Other standout deals include up to 40% off Anker products, 30% off wireless charging stations and 40% off the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier.

The deals will only last 24 hours, so make sure you snag today's best offers before they're gone.

Amazon's 12 days of deals: electronics
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China says that cash still has a place in an e-commerce world

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 12:47

Physical currency still has a place in an increasingly digital world according to China's central bank which warned that rejecting cash as a form of payment is illegal.

The country's central bank fears that rejecting cash in favour of digital payments could eventually lead to a loss of confidence in physical money while further alienating those unfamiliar with electronic payments.

In China, electronic payments from e-commerce giant Alibaba Group's Alipay or Tencent Holding's WeChat have become quite popular with consumers who use them to pay for public transportation and at both large and small retailers.

The fact that electronic payments are easy to use for both customers and retailers have led some vendors in Beijing and Shanghai to stop accepting physical cash.

Loss of confidence in cash

In a post on its official WeChat account, the People's Bank of China stressed the fact that electronic payments must not entirely replace physical currency, saying:

“Electronic payments has given us a new way to pay, but it must not replace cash payments. Over time, the practice can become second nature and people could lose confidence in cash.”

The bank also pointed out that electronic payments are unfair tot he elderly and those who live in underdeveloped parts of the country since mastering the processes required to make electronic payments could prove difficult.

China's central bank also criticised how local authorities have used taglines such as “cashless city” to promote their city's technology advancements.

Via Reuters

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Looking for OnePlus 6T deals? These EE tariffs are the best you can get right now

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 12:10

It seems like aaaaaages ago since Black Friday and Cyber Monday took the phone deals world by storm, and we've naturally seen most of the deals from that weekend disappear completely. Yet these incredibly cheap OnePlus 6T deals have managed to hang on. 

While these tariffs have been around for a while now, no one seems to have been able to beat them - they are still the best deals on the OnePlus 6T to date. The monthly prices start from a mere £18 per month, but our favourite is the one that's exclusive to TechRadar readers thanks to the TECH25 discount code you can't find anywhere else.

You can see a list of the deals down below. They're all on EE, so if you want to be on a different network or none of these deals suit you then check out our OnePlus 6T deals page to find your perfect contract.

The best OnePlus 6T deals right now:
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AMD Vega II logo revealed in trademark application

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 12:03

It’s no secret AMD will soon announce some form of 7nm graphics card technology at CES 2019, but we’re not sure which GPU line the chipmaker will announce. Thankfully, this new trademark application may have just clued us in on AMD Vega II.

It appears as though AMD has trademarked a new version of its Vega logo that features two vertical lines on its right side. This would lead us to believe that Vega II products are in the works.

We know full well that the next generation of AMD graphics will be built upon a 7nm architecture going by the roadmaps the company released at CES 2018. At the same time, it seems to all sync up with AMD's plans to announce new 7nm GPUs at CES 2019, so it almost seems certain that we’ll see Vega II graphics cards soon.

Of course, this is all conjecture for now, and AMD may pull a fast one and simply talk about its 7nm Radeon Instinct graphics, as it did at Computex 2018. However it shakes out, you can be sure we’ll be reporting on this news live from AMD’s keynote.

  • The wait for a truly new AMD graphics card is almost over – hopefully

Via Videocardz

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TechRadar's downloads advent calendar: get Ashampoo Snap 2018 free

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 12:00

The holidays are an expensive time, so we’re bringing you a special treat: a full, free Windows program to download every day until Christmas.

Take a look behind the 10th door on our free downloads advent calendar to find Ashampoo Snap 2018 – the second screen capture tool we're offering this year, and one of the best around.

Ashampoo Snap 2018 is packed with all the tools you need to capture anything from your PC's screen, including action from full-screen games, with no loss of quality in resolutions up to 4K.

If you've taken a screenshot from a webpage, you can include the URL as a text overlay or in the image's metadata for easy organizing and sorting later.

The software runs discreetly in the background, using minimal system resources, until you activate it using the hidden floating control panel or a quick keyboard shortcut.

Once you've taken your shot, you're free to edit and annotate it using Ashampoo Snap 2018's extensive range of pre-made graphics and effects, before saving it to your desktop or the cloud.

You can also upgrade to Ashampoo Snap 10 for a special discounted price of $16. You'll find the offer within Ashampoo Snap 2018.

In case you missed it...
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Huawei CFO facing fraud charges, court says

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 11:41

Huawei's chief financial officer committed fraud when she lied about links between her father's company and a shell company used to sell telecommunications equipment to Iran, according to Canadian prosecutors who went before a Vancouver court over the weekend.

Meng Wanzhou appeared in court Friday as she sought bail after being arrested in Canada during a layover on her way to Mexico.

After more than fiver hours of debate, the court was still undecided as to whether to grant her bail and the hearing will resume on Monday.

If Huawei's CFO is unable to prove that the company did not break US sanctions by selling telecoms equipment to Iran, she could be extradited to the US where the charges against her could land her 30 years in prison.

Separate entities

The daughter of Huawei's founder Ren Zhengfei is being charged with engaging in “conspiracy to defraud multiple financial institutions” over the fact that she tried to convince bankers that the company and a former Hong Kong subsidiary called SkyCom were wholly separate entities back in 2013.

Crown attorney John Gibb-Carlsey explained to the court how Meng committed fraud, saying:

“Ms Meng personally represented to those banks that SkyCom and Huawei were separate, when in fact they were not separate. SkyCom was Huawei.” 

The fact that SkyCom employees used Huawei email addresses and bank records linked the two companies together. SkyCom was used as a proxy to engage in business deals with sanctioned countries and dealt directly with Iranian telecom companies.

Meng's lawyer, David Martin, tried to portray her as a passionate businesswoman and argued that she should be granted bail, saying:

“Wealth can’t be a prohibition to bail. Even a person of enormous wealth can be released from custody in our great country.” 

We will likely hear more on this controversial case once the court makes its decision on whether or not to extradite Meng to the US where she faces formal charges.

Via The Guardian

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10 games to get your non-gamer parents this Christmas

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 11:27

Do your parents play videogames? Mine don’t. They never have and they likely never will. I once asked my mam if she’d play through Dark Souls so I could write about her struggles with Ornstein and Smough. It was a hard pass. 

I’ve since devised a new plan of attack, though. I searched far and wide across the dark web in order to assemble the ultimate list of the 10 most parent-friendly games I could think of. All so that you can give them to your folks as gifts this Christmas. I took the liberty of considering both price and platform in order to accommodate maximum accessibility. Most of these games are relatively inexpensive and four out of ten are available on mobile, making it even easier to convince your parents to give them a go. 

So without further ado, here are the 10 games to get your parents this Christmas.

Stardew Valley

For those who haven’t played it themselves, Stardew Valley is Farmville on steroids. You micromanage a farm in the aesthetically wonderful eponymous Stardew Valley, taking care of crops, livestock, and all that other farming jazz. The more money you earn, the more legit your farm will become. 

However, if you get this for one parent, be sure to get it for the other one too, lest they get a little too Stardew pally with a virtual neighbor. Also, this way you can feed two birds with one scone, as PETA would have you say. Both of your parents are now gamers. Mission accomplished.

Overcooked 2

Fun for all of the family - or so they say. Overcooked 2 actually won “Best Family Game” at The Game Awards 2018 and it’s definitely deserving of that accolade. What do they say again, though - too many chefs spoil the broth? If you get this for your parents, you’ll likely be playing with them, working together to prepare Michelin Star meals in the most absurd restaurants ever conceived. 

Portals and moving floors are just two of the obstacles between you and the conveyor belt that brings your gourmet meals out to your hungry customers. You’ll need to work together by tossing bizarre ingredients at one another in order to keep the kitchen running smoothly, but you’ll likely get annoyed at each other after one too many collisions. Remember, you’re trying to get them into games. If they’re annoyed at you, bite your tongue. Being annoyed is a sign of having fun, remember?

Assassin's Creed Origins

You might be thinking “what’s Assassin's Creed Origins doing on this list?” Bear with me. The Discovery Tour DLC allows players to roam freely through the vast expanses of Ancient Egypt seeking out guided tours about the history of the civilization. When the Discovery Tour is enabled, all the traditional aspects of gameplay - side quests, combat, story - are disabled, allowing players to traverse the landscape without having to worry about failure or setbacks. 

Drawing from institutes such as the British Museum, the Discovery Tour’s guides are based on the work of renowned historians and they’re actually curated by real life Egyptologists. If one of your parents is a history buff, let them take a walk through the Valley of Kings and show them just how educational video games can be.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

You see, Uncharted is perfect for parents. It’s narratively-driven, as is the case with most Neil Druckmann games, so the story will likely reel them right in. It’s pretty straightforward when you drop the difficulty to the lowest setting, too, so it’s not inaccessible for newcomers. Also, parents love Tomb Raider. That’s actually a fact. 

Uncharted allows you to plunder ancient caves in the same way that Lara Croft does, except it’s way funnier - and much better. Also, if they like one Uncharted game then you can get them to play through the other ones, too. I’ve not played Lost Legacy, but 1-4? Four birds with one scone. Take that, PETA.

Golf Story

I’m 23. Of my 23 years on this planet, I’ve bought my dad golf stuff for Christmas probably eight or nine times. I’ve never bought him Golf Story, though, as it used to only be available on the GameBoy Color. Not anymore, though. 

If you’ve got a Switch, get Golf Story and lend the console to your dad. He’ll quickly realize that he’s playing a golf game, but might not know what’s up immediately. In Golf Story, your dad makes you play golf. That much is obvious. The problem is that you’re absolutely rubbish at it. It’s a charming RPG and it will show your dad that golf not being for you was alright. Take Golf Story off him, play a blinder, and your newfound gamer dad will be crazy proud of how good at games you are.

Golf Story is available to download from the Nintendo Store.


Florence is probably the best pick on this list if I’m honest. It’s a mobile-exclusive game that has next to no dialogue. It’s narratively-driven and features such little input that it’s actually more like a light visual novel than a game. However, it tells a wonderful story and requires just enough engagement for it to be a great introduction into the world of games. 

I don’t want to spoil anything, but just know that you should play this game too if you haven’t yet. Maybe buy it for your parents and play it before you give it to them at Christmas. You can pretend you played it ages ago.

Florence is available to download for iOS and Android.

Donut County

This one’s a great choice for sheer comedic value alone. Imagine telling your parents that they’re playing as a hole in the ground controlled by a raccoon. Now imagine their face when they realize that two hours later you’ve caught them having fun doing so. Priceless. 

Donut County is a really charming game. It looks amazing, features a killer soundtrack, and is funny in a really goofy yet sincere way. The puzzles are pretty easy, as the aim is always just to suck everything on the map into a gigantic hole in the ground. However, there’s something strangely satisfying about swallowing houses, caravans, trees, and even the residents of Donut County themselves. “That’s a ridiculous game!” says your mam, two hours before she’s cackling in the corner because she’s figured out how to use the Quadcopter.

The Witness

Jonathan Blow’s The Witness is one of my favorite games ever. Set on a mysterious island with no other characters, the game has the player progress through hundreds of seemingly arbitrary chessboard grid puzzles with little to no explanation as to why they’re doing so. It’s infuriating most of the time, but the feeling of accomplishment you get after solving a puzzle you’ve been stuck on for ages is unparalleled. 

Also, the open world map is just gorgeous. I spent hours just walking around, not solving puzzles. Your parents will probably do the same, but not by choice. If your parents like puzzles and brain teasers, they’ll love The Witness. If not, don’t buy it - if you do, you’ll likely be getting them a new phone for their birthday.

Tetris Effect

Tetris is not a new game. In fact, it’s 30 years old, so there’s a decent chance your parents might have been crazy about the game at some point in their lives. If so, they might wonder why Tetsuya Mizuguchi made a Tetris game in 2018. 

Tetris Effect is only on PS4 and PSVR, so if you’ve not got those to lend your parents, this one isn’t for you. If you have, though, prepare to offer your parents one of the most affecting audiovisual experiences they’ve ever had. Tetris Effect isn’t an ordinary Tetris game; it’s so much more. My only worry is that you’ll snatch the controller from them once you see how great this game is. Again, you’re trying to get them to understand why you like games so much. Let them have their fun. 


I’ve snuck yet another one of my personal favorites in. Firewatch tells the story of a man who moves to the Rockies in order to escape from everything. (Actually, he’s running away from his sick wife, which is awful and a huge obstacle preventing me from empathizing with him, but anyway). Over the course of several months, the man, Henry, goes about his daily routine of looking after the forest while developing a friendship with his supervisor, Delilah. Using walkie-talkies, the two converse almost every day, learning more and more about each other. 

This narratively-driven game is easy to play and available on most platforms. It’s also something that you should play yourself, which gives you even more of a reason to get it as a gift for your parents. You can even race them to see who finishes first. 

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Samsung's cashback offer means Galaxy S9 deals now start at less than £500

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 11:12

Prices on the Samsung Galaxy S9 never really seem to stay still, there is always a new offer that brings this device down to its lowest price yet and these two deals show just how cheap this flagship can get. Spoiler will have you paying less than £500 over a two year contract. 

Thanks to a double threat of a cashback deal direct from Samsung and tumbling tariffs from, you can get your choice of great value S9 deals. For just £40 upfront (when you use voucher code 10OFF code) and £23 a month you can get the S9 with 3GB of data on O2. That's already pretty cheap but when you include the £100 cashback you can currently get from Samsung (more details on which below), it's nothing short of an absolute bargain.

Not enough data for you? Or maybe you're just desperate to get your deal on EE. That's no problem because Mobiles also has a cheap S9 offer with triple the data. For £30 upfront (with TechRadar's exclusive TECH20 code) and £28 a month you can get the S9 with 9GB of data. And just like with the deal above you can drop that £100 cashback on top. 

You can see both of these deals in full below and see how to claim your cashback but if neither of them were quite what you were looking for, take a look at our Samsung Galaxy S9 best deals page for all of the best options. 

These cheap Samsung S9 deals in full: How to claim your Samsung cashback

After you've bought your brand new S9. There are a few steps to take to claim the cashback. The first step is going to this link within 30 days of purchasing the device. That link will ask you for your IMEI number which you can easily find by dialling *#06# on the device.

Next, you give your details along with a scanned copy of the proof of purchase to Samsung. Finally, your cashback request will go through and, all being well, your money should arrive in the next 30 days. You do have to purchase your new device before December 24 to be eligible.

That's a lot of information condensed, so if you're still unsure on the details check our guide for a full explanation

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Best Wear OS watch 2018: our list of the top ex-Android Wear smartwatches

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 09:36

Google's Android Wear had a shaky start, but it's now an increasingly mature platform thanks to the Android Wear 2.0 update and the switchover to the Wear OS name in early 2018.

Android Wear may be over, but Wear OS is now better than the former ever was thanks to updates to improve navigation, battery life and more on the platform. This list has changed a lot since we first ranked the best Android Wear watches.

One of the main reasons Google renamed its operating system is to make the watches more palatable to those who own an iPhone. 

Wear OS watches work with both Android and iPhones, but it's worth checking compatibility before you buy as each watch will only work with certain devices.

There's no better time than now to grab yourself a smartwatch, so below we've put together the definitive list of the best available on the market right now.

Each has been extensively tested throughout our review process and we've then ranked the watches according to some of the most important features including price, design, battery and features.

Our number one Wear OS watch you can buy right now is the new TicWatch Pro. You may not have heard of this brand before, but the latest from parent company Mobvoi is a powerhouse of a watch and comes with two displays.

That doesn't mean there's one display on each side of the watch, but instead it has a transparent LCD display on top of a full color OLED. When it's conserving battery, the watch will switch to the LCD screen that shows you the time, your step count and more.

The normal OLED screen will work like your average smartwatch, but the other display means the watch has much better battery life than a lot of the other watches on this list.

The TicWatch Pro also has a premium design, a heart rate sensor, great GPS tracking, NFC for Google Pay and much more alongside the latest Wear OS software powering the whole watch.

If you're looking for something different at a relatively affordable price, the TicWatch Pro is sure to scratch that itch better than any other Wear OS watch you can buy right now. Meanwhile, if you want something cheap from TicWatch you're in luck below. 

Read the full TicWatch Pro review

Once rated as our best Android Wear watch, the TicWatch E is now our second favorite Wear OS watch. This TicWatch offers some top notch hardware for a lower price than a lot of the rest of the competition.

The TicWatch E largely sits so high in this list because of it has a low price alongside the fact it features almost everything you'd expect from a Wear OS watch. There's GPS and a heart rate sensor onboard, which we found to work swiftly and accurately.

The design is attractive - although it won't be to everyone's taste as it's made of plastic - and it offers at least a full day's battery life from a single charge. All of that said, it doesn't come with NFC so there's no Google Pay here and it lacks wireless charging so instead opts for a three-pin pad design.

All in all, if you're looking for an affordable smartwatch that packs the latest in Wear OS software you probably don't need to scroll any further down this list.

Read the full TicWatch E review

Misfit's second attempt at a Wear OS watch is a positive step in the right direction with this new product solving a lot of the issues we found with the first generation. There's NFC here for Google Pay, GPS so you can track your runs and you can get it in two separate sizes.

The design of this watch is simple, and that may be something you're looking for from your smartwatch. There's either a 1.2-inch or 1.4-inch display in the center of the watch, which is more than enough room to navigate around Wear OS.

This is one of the best smartwatches for exercising, and the lower price point than some of the alternative smartwatches on the market makes the Misfit Vapor 2 an attractive option for a lot of people.

Read the full Misfit Vapor 2 review

This is the latest smartwatch from Mobvoi's TicWatch brand that takes up a lot of places in this list. It's not our favorite device from the company as it doesn't innovate as much as the TicWatch Pro, but it's still a good option if you're looking for an affordable smartwatch.

In fact, this is one of the most affordable smartwatches if you want GPS and Google Pay support in the same package. 

This isn't as built for fitness fans as a lot of other options on this list, but it does feature some elements for you to use to workout. With some impressive tech built-in considering the price, you should take a look at the TicWatch C2 before buying any other watch on this list.

Read the full TicWatch C2 review

The Huawei Watch 2 is an attempt by the Chinese company to widen the use of Wear OS watches. Huawei has tried to include a variety of new features in its latest smartwatch and it's not entirely clear if it succeeded with the Watch 2.

We like the built-in GPS and NFC on the watch as well as the option to have a 4G model, but the Huawei Watch 2 can be sluggish and the screen is a little small for some. 

This may suit you though with an attractive design and a plethora of features, but the price is much higher than the original Huawei Watch.

Read the full Huawei Watch 2 review

Much like the TicWatch Pro, C2 and E up higher in this list, we love the TicWatch S. The differences between the TicWatch E and the S are limited, but these may be dramatic enough to make you want one watch over the other.

The first thing to note is the thicker bezel on the TicWatch S. It makes it easier to read the time, but it also means the watch is that little bit bigger and it's a touch heavier than the TicWatch E too.

It still features a heart rate sensor and many other features alongside its day long battery life but it doesn't feature swappable straps. That's because the GPS is included within the strap, which TicWatch claims makes it more accurate than other watches.

There's no LTE or NFC here, plus the price is a touch higher than the TicWatch E as well. This is still a great watch though, it's just whether you'd want to invest in this over the other choices on this list.

Read the full TicWatch S review

The LG Watch Style is every bit as stylish as its name suggests, with a sand-blasted stainless steel chassis and a circular display. It's also one of the thinnest Wear OS watches around at just 10.8mm. 

That means that while it will look great on anyone's wrist it's especially at home on smaller wrists, which is worth noting, since a lot of smartwatches are chunky things that could dwarf a small wrist.

The LG Watch Style also benefits from a rotatable crown, which helps you navigate the interface without prodding its tiny screen. It's a good screen though, being a 1.2-inch P-OLED one and fully circular - there's no flat tire here.

The core specs are fairly standard but up there with pricier watches, because despite the Watch Style's great looks it's actually quite affordable. Some sacrifices have been made though to keep the cost down and the watch slim, as there's no GPS or heart rate monitor here.

Read the LG Watch Style review

Launched alongside the LG Watch Style, the LG Watch Sport is in many ways it opposite, with a chunky, uninspiring build but absolutely loaded full of features.

It has a heart rate monitor, GPS, a barometer and optionally even 4G connectivity, making it a strong option for the athletically inclined or for anyone who wants to leave their smartphone at home.

It also has a bigger, sharper screen than the LG Watch Style and one that's just as circular. Of course it's also one of the pricier smartwatches available, which is why it doesn't feature higher on our list.

Read the full LG Watch Sport review

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Get 100GB of data with this impressive Huawei Mate 20 Pro deal

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 09:30

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro seems to be in the seasonal limelight right now. We've been seeing adverts left, right and centre for this device and it has shot up to one of the most popular devices around. 

In case all the hype has left you wanting your own, we've unearthed the best deals on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro so you don't have to look yourself. As part of its festive sales, Mobile Phones Direct is offering an 100GB of data contract on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro - and nothing we've seen comes close to bettering it.

You would expect to have to pay a lot here but you really don't, particularly at the start. You can get this contract for £45 a month and absolutely no upfront costs (even delivery is free!). That makes this one of the best value Mate 20 Pro deals we've ever seen, while also having one of the highest data caps - best of both worlds. 

You can see the deal in full below or if it isn't quite the offer you were looking for check out our best Huawei Mate 20 Pro deals page to find the one for you. 

This 100GB of data Mate 20 pro deal in full: What's so good about the Mate 20 Pro?

Huawei's most recent flagship is an absolute powerhouse. Top of the line specs, three powerful cameras and world first features like reverse charging all make this device stand out. Trust us when you say you won't be running out of things to do with this smartphone.

The one downside...the price. And although this deal drops the cost a bit it still is quite pricey. If this is the one thing putting you off, you could always consider a Huawei P20 Pro deal instead. A similar device but with cheaper tariffs available. 

Read our review on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro

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Samsung Galaxy A8S announced with pinhole camera

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 09:01

Hot on the heels of the Honor View 20, Samsung has announced its first phone with a pinhole camera. Dubbed the Samsung Galaxy A8S, it has a single-lens 24MP f/2.0 camera on the front, cut into the top left corner of the screen.

That pinhole is 6.7mm wide and it's cut into a 6.4-inch 1080 x 2340 screen with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio. 

Other specs of the Samsung Galaxy A8S include a Snapdragon 710 chipset, 6GB or 8GB of RAM, and a triple-lens rear camera, made up of a 24MP f/1.7 main lens, a 10MP f/2.4 telephoto one and a 5MP f/2.2 depth sensor.

There's also 128GB of storage, a microSD card slot, a fingerprint scanner, a 3,400mAh battery which supports fast charging, and Android 8.1.

As for the design, you can see that there's a small bezel below the screen, but very little above it, and the Samsung Galaxy A8S comes in blue, green and grey shades.

The Samsung Galaxy A8S has three rear cameras

Availability unknown

Pre-orders for the phone open in China on December 20, however it's unclear if or when the Samsung Galaxy A8S will land outside China. 

We also don't know what it will cost, but pinhole camera aside those are upper mid-range specs, so expect it to significantly undercut the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

We suspect that if the Galaxy A8S gets a global launch at all it probably won't do so until after the Honor View 20 – a pinhole camera phone that’s landing in January, so that will probably be your first pinhole option.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S10 may well have a pinhole camera of its own and could be announced in late February, so you might want to wait for that.

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The 10 best Doom mods you should play on its 25th birthday

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 09:00

It’s time to blow out the Lost Soul-shaped candles and dig into the velvet cake made of pulverised giblets, because today Doom celebrates its 25th birthday. 

That’s 25 years of glorious mods, ultraviolence and anxious parents concerned that their children are being brainwashed into demon-killing space marines (though if your kids are trying to sign up to Elon Musk’s one-way Mars trip while muttering about ‘fighting off hell’s hordes’, then maybe you should have a word).

To celebrate, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best Doom mods you can play today, taking you from a post-apocalyptic future to the bloodiest iteration of Doom imaginable, by way of a level created by one of the game’s star designers 21 years later.

Want to know how to actually get these mods running? Our Doom modding guide has you covered.

1. Valiant

If you want to see just how far Doom’s engine can be pushed in terms of visual fidelity, then Valiant remains the high watermark. 

The so-called ‘megawad’ has a whopping 32 maps spanning monolithic space stations, brooding keeps, and shadowy forests – all with an impressive surreal aesthetic and sharp high-contrast lighting. It features some striking design elements that wouldn’t look amiss in a modern art gallery.

Valiant is more than just a looker too, reconfiguring attack patterns of traditional Doom enemies to present an all-new threat, and each level is designed for you to start with a pistol, making each a self-contained pistols-to-plasma-guns journey.

2. Golden Souls

Taking the Super Mario 64 concept and violently debasing it, Golden Souls throws you into a colorful castle filled with paintings to jump into. Each one warps you to a themed world – be it a verdant field coated in flowers, or a sandstorm-swept desertscape where you can just make out the silhouettes of demons in the haze.

True to its inspiration, the mod incorporates platforming elements and plenty of verticality as you traverse the land in search of the titular souls (Mario Stars, essentially).

Golden Souls 2 builds on the concept, this time inspired by a Super Mario Bros 3-style world map that lets you unlock alternative pathways through the game. The level design and weaponry is even more ambitious, taking you through settings like a medieval fairy tale village and a pink Candyland (home to bloodthirsty Pinky demons, naturally). 

3. OverDOOM

Overwatch, Blizzard's online shooter, continues to be a gaming superpower, so it’d be remiss to ignore OverDOOM, a mod that lets you use some of Overwatch’s most out-there weapons on Doom’s creatures. 

Weapons include Hanzo’s Storm Bow, Widowmaker’s Sniper Rifle and Tokki – the glorious pink mech armed with dual fusion cannons. 

The weapons are all beautifully-rendered in Doom’s timeless pixel style, with some incredible animations (particularly jumping into Tokki – pictured above). 

Crucially, all weapons are visibly wielded in the hairy arms and gloved hands of Doomguy.

4. The Adventures of Square

This psychedelic mod looks like it was created by a particularly talented Microsoft Paint artist. But beneath the wild exterior, Adventures of Square is evidently cut from that unholy Doom cloth, which you’ll quickly realise once you jump in and start shooting coin-people, rabid squares on a cheesy moon, or eye orbs in a dark forest that seems to be closing in on you.

It’s the unpredictability and diversity that makes this so hard to take your eyes off. Weapons range from strange magic wands to crossbows, and enemies explode into puffs of vibrant color. 

It’s technically impressive too, with a quipping hero and proper verticality and projectiles thanks to GZDoom.

5. Ashes 2063

Need something to scratch that sleazy cyberpunk itch while you wait for the much-anticipated Cyberpunk 2077? The new Doom total conversion Ashes 2063 is your ticket to the retro-future. 

Running on GZDoom, Ashes 2063 depicts a grimy world of spiked collars, fingerless gloves, and weaponry that appears to have been crafted from gutter pipes and used hospital bandages.

It’s a surprisingly deep game with trading, characters to chat with, and an RPG-like inventory system. The first episode is a solid nine levels, pitting you against all manner of mohawked and mutated baddies, and there are more episodes to come.

6. Pirate Doom

This painstakingly-crafted makeover of Doom takes everything from the base game and dresses it up in a whimsical pirate theme. Featuring 18 levels of cutlasses and eye-patched pinkie demons, rum and revenants, Pirate Doom is one of the great Doom mods that commits to a theme and goes full-sail-ahead with it.

Everything from the Caribbean-style accordion music to the old-timey weapons and Monkey Island homages clicks perfectly, immersing you in this charmingly hellish Doom reimagining. 

The only thing we can really fault is that they didn’t call it Cacodemons of the Caribbean.

7. Going Down

Winner of the 2014 Cacowards, Going Down has something of a Die Hard concept. 

You start at the top of a skyscraper belonging to UAC – Doom’s faceless evil corporation – then work your way down the building over 32 levels right into a hellish underworld.

This mod’s corporate corridors and Deco touches offer a nice contrast to the vanilla games, but the action is right at the ‘Nightmare’ end of the difficulty spectrum with tight confines demanding quick reactions from the player. 

It’s filled with nice details, humorous writing and a bespoke soundtrack from mod creator Cyriak Harris.

8. Doom 64: Retribution

There have been quite a few projects over the years that have brought the dark and fascinating N64 version of Doom to PC, and Doom 64: Retribution is the most polished of the lot. 

It takes advantage of all the bells and whistles of GZDoom, offering precise controls, fluid framerates, and dynamic lighting – which really pops in this particularly moody mod. 

To the unfamiliar, Doom 64 was developed by Midway Games (of Mortal Kombat fame) instead of id, and had a completely different aesthetic to the mainline games. It was darker and more surreal, with some awesome use of colored lighting, and sinister new monster designs that gave it an arty, horror feel.

9. Tech Gone Bad (John Romero’s level)

In 2016, legendary Doom designer John Romero re-emerged from gaming obscurity to create a new Doom level. 

It’s called Tech Gone Bad, it replaces E1M8 in the first game, and (in classic Romero style) it’s one of the most claustrophobic, challenging levels in the game.

It’s interesting to play a classic Doom level that’s inevitably influenced by 25 intervening years of advancements in level design. It has a good few puzzles based around teleporters, but it’s not labyrinthine, and contains visual flourishes like glowing red cracks branching across the floor.

10. Brutal Doom

The Spider Mastermind of Doom mods, Brutal Doom takes full advantage of GZDoom’s technical bravura to deliver the most modernised, spectacular Doom mod to date. The key thing is in the title as Brutal Doom adds hundreds of animations, death poses, and even finishing moves on the denizens of Doom.

Not just that, it feels incredible, replacing old-fashioned hitscan gunfire with proper dynamic bullets and letting you crouch and jump with vicious abandon. 

You can apply Brutal Doom to all of the base Doom games, or chuck it into most of the mods we’ve listed above. It’s a testament to how, with a good bit of polish, Doom can feel like a modern shooter even after 25 years.

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Nokia 8.1 with Snapdragon 710 launched in India at Rs 26,999

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 08:46

HMD Global unveiled the Nokia 8.1 last week globally, and without much delay, the phone has also hit Indian shores today. It is priced competitively at Rs 26,999.

The Nokia 8.1 is a refreshed version of the Nokia 8 Sirocco, with a bigger 6.18-inch Full HD+ display with HDR10 support and the latest Snapdragon 710 chipset with 4GB of RAM. Unlike the Nokia 8.1 Sirocco, the new version doesn't have the top-end Snapdragon chipset (Snapdragon 845/855), which naturally places it in the upper mid-range of smartphones.

The phone also has a pair of cameras on the back, with both a 12MP main lens with optical image stabilization and a 13MP depth sensor. Plus, there’s a 20MP camera on the front.

The phone has 64GB of storage (expandable up to 256GB via microSD card slot), and a 3,500mAh battery with fast charging support, which the company claims can last up to two days between charges.

Android One version of Pie

The Nokia 8.1 also runs Android 9 Pie (Android One version), so it’s both up-to-date and should get speedy updates in future. On top, it is Android enterprise recommended to ensure security.

It has has a very well built design and looks quite premium too. It has a metal frame, a notch and what appears to be a glass back, though notably there is still a considerable chin below the screen.

While the phone has been announced, you can’t actually buy it quite yet. The Nokia 8.1 is set to hit the stores on December 21st on Amazon, Nokia online store and offline partners. Pre-booking starts soon and you’ll be able to choose between Blue/Silver and Iron/Steel color combinations.

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Canelo vs Fielding live stream: how to watch the boxing online from anywhere

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 08:20

Ever since Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez defeated GGG Golovkin in a 12 round epic in September for the WBA and WBC middleweight titles, there has been much anticipation for his next fight. Brit Rocky Fielding is next in line and you can live stream the fight with this handy guide - you can even do so absolutely FREE.

Since that famous victory in the autumn, Canelo has quite literally upped his game by increasing his weight to 76kg so he can fight in the super middleweight category. Waiting for him is the current WBA champion Rocky Fielding who won't want to give away his hard-earned belt. Mexican Canelo is a major threat to Fielding as he already has a history of moving weight categories and winning. His 50-1-2 and 34 KOs record sets him in great stead against Rocky's 27-1 with 15 KOs.

Rocky Fielding, at 31, is senior to 28-year-old Canelo but has worked his way up by fighting the toughest of boxers. The Liverpudlian has only lost once and that was back in August 2015. Since then Fielding has had a career defining fight against Tyron Zeuge, which he won to get the WBA super middleweight title.

This should make for a spectacular fight and you can catch it all streamed to anywhere you are. Read on to get the ultimate guide on how to watch a Canelo vs Fielding live stream.

Live stream the Canelo vs Fielding fight from anywhere with a VPN 

How to watch Canelo vs Fielding: US stream

How to watch the Canelo vs Fielding fight: UK stream

How to watch Canelo vs Fielding: Canada live stream

Main image courtesy of DAZN

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The new Amazon Christmas deals include the 4K Fire TV Stick for $34.99

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 08:14

New device deals have arrived at Amazon, and the retail giant has slashed prices on its most popular gadgets. Right now you'll be able to find deals on streaming players, smart speakers, tablets and more.

You can get the best-selling 4K Fire TV Stick on sale for $34.99. That's a $15 discount and the best price we've seen for this powerful streaming device. The all-new 4K Fire TV Stick allows you to enjoy 4K Ultra HD streaming with access to over thousands of movies, TV shows, and apps.

Other notable deals include the Fire TV Cube for $69.99, $20 off the Fire HD 8 Tablet, and the Ring Video Doorbell 2 for $169.

Shop the rest of Amazon's device deals below.

Amazon Device Deals:
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Cybercriminals set their sights on holiday shoppers and travelers

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 07:30

The holiday shopping season is in full swing which means that retailers will be dealing with a huge influx of shoppers both online and in store. However, it’s not just the retail sector that sees an increase in online activity around this time of year, so to do the travel and hospitality industries.

TechRadar Pro spoke with Arxan Technologies VP of Product Management Rusty Carter to learn how both businesses and consumers can help protect their security online during the busiest shopping season of the year.

Rusty Carter, VP of Product Management at Arxan Technologies 

  • We've also highlighted the best antivirus to help you stay protected this holiday season
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