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Pre-order a Huawei P30 Lite deal from Carphone Warehouse and get a £40 voucher

Latest Tech News - Tue, 04/30/2019 - 06:30

Condensing down the giant price tags of the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro, the newest addition to the family - the Huawei P30 Lite - is bringing affordable price tags to Huawei's newest range. 

But as if the sub £20 monthly costs weren't already good enough, Carphone Warehouse is now offering an additional offer when you pre-order the device from them.

With the tempting offer of a £40 voucher for Uber Eats, H&M, M&S or Tesco on any Huawei P30 Lite deal bought before May 9, Carphone Warehouse is taking a pretty impressive mobile phone deal and making it irresistible.

Not to mention the fact that Carphone Warehouse is including a free pair of Huawei Freelaces with all P30 Lite pre-orders, an offer you can acquire from any retailer stocking the Huawei P30 Lite. That adds up to £139 in free incentives with this device.

If you want this affordable handset with all of the added incentives, scroll down to see how to make use of this promotion and check out our guide to the best Carphone Warehouse deals. Make sure you go through this link first as it will not count if you buy the phone contract first.

PLEASE NOTE that you will not be able to claim your voucher if you click through and buy straight from the site. In order to make sure you do not lose out on that reward, you must register at this link first and follow the below instructions.

Huawei P30 Lite not the phone for you? Carphone Warehouse has a similar offer on all mobile phone deals from them, but it is only £20 value on other devices. This offer ends on May 5

How to claim your eGift Card:
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Spotify boasts twice as many paid subscribers as Apple Music

Latest Tech News - Mon, 04/29/2019 - 22:07

Less than a month ago, it was revealed that Apple Music had overtaken Spotify in terms of paid subscribers in the US – a milestone for the music streaming service – but Spotify’s latest earnings report shows that it’s still well and truly dominating the overall global market.

“Premium Subscribers grew up to 100 million, up 32% year on year,'' the report reads, a figure that's double that of Apple Music’s last reported subscriber count, from January of this year.

The report attributes the growth, at least in part, to the success of certain promotions such as Family Plan offers, bundles with the Google Home Mini in a variety of regions, and Hulu partnerships in the US.

It’s worth considering that Spotify offers a free tier on its service, whereas Apple Music does not, and when factoring these figures in, Spotify’s total global listenership more than quadruples Apple’s, with 217 million monthly active users (a growth of 26% from last year).

In Apple’s defense, the most recent figures that it has officially released date back to the end of 2018, so Spotify has a four-month advantage on these numbers in terms of paid subscribers, although this may change during Apple’s anticipated Q2 earnings report.

It's no secret that the two competing services are feuding, with Spotify officially complaining about Apple's alleged anti-competitive practices, but with Amazon tipped to be launching a hi-res audio streaming service as well as a free ad-supported service, there'll soon be a new kid on the block that's likely a serious threat to both. 

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Samsung's latest patent shows phone with wraparound display

Latest Tech News - Mon, 04/29/2019 - 21:51

According to a new patent spotted by Dutch technology site LetsGoDigital, Samsung could be working on a smartphone with a wraparound display that continues over the phone's edge and onto the rear of the device.

The patent, titled 'Electronic Device Having Plurality of Display and Method for Controlling Same', suggests a handset with a screen that can be viewed from both sides, which should assist immeasurably when it comes to photographing friends and selfie-taking.

In the patent application, Samsung describes a device with "a display configured to include a first surface in a first direction, a second surface in a second direction opposite to the first direction, and a third surface enclosing at least a portion of the space formed between the first surface and the second surface." 

Presumably, the third surface described consists of the small area of the display that curves over the edge of the handset.

Below, you'll find some of the drawings that accompanied the patent application, which should give you an idea of what Samsung is going for with the proposed device.

Of course, the idea of a display that curves around to the rear of the device is not necessarily a new one – Huawei's foldable Mate X offers similar functionality for selfie and photo taking, and while Samsung's own Galaxy Fold uses a secondary outer screen and not a single curved one, it also allows for friends to see themselves while their photos are being taken.

At present, we don't know whether the patent's proposed design will make its way into an actual phone, though it's believed that the next Samsung Galaxy Fold could fold twice over.

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Google IO 2019: date and keynote predictitons

Latest Tech News - Mon, 04/29/2019 - 18:20

Google IO 2019 dates happen next week, and we expect some big announcements to come out of the event, which is traditionally a showcase for software features coming to Google platforms (as well as a hardware surprise or two).

Google IO 2019 is again being held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, beginning with a keynote on May 7. 

What do we expect to see? Rumors suggest the Google Pixel 3a will debut, showing off the supposed lean-yet-affordable version of last year’s Google Pixel 3 smartphone. We also expect to get an in-depth preview of Android Q, the next version of the mobile OS that’s already in beta.

Those are far from the only things Google will announce at the event, but for now, we’ll list all the rumors we’ve heard about what’s coming. 

Google IO date and time

Google IO 2019 will run from May 7 to 9 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, near the company's headquarters. 

The event kicks off with an opening keynote at 10am PDT on May 7 and goes from there, with multiple simultaneous small sessions, demonstrations and stage presentations through the event's three-day span.  See the whole schedule on the Google IO 2019 website here.

For those at home, Google will be livestreaming some of the above (especially the stage presentations) on its  website and YouTube channel.

Google Pixel 3a

We hope to get our first look at the long-rumored Google Pixel 3a, the alleged lower-cost version of last year’s Google Pixel 3 smartphone. 

Like the iPhone XR and Samsung S10e, this phone is expected to offer the most important specs and features from the main flagship at a more affordable price point. That means, yes, the camera and software, which has kept the Google Pixel 3 near the top of our best camera phone list since the handset debuted, along with high specs befitting the Pixel line.

But it also means getting the less-known benefits of a Google flagship phone at a discount. This includes optimization for all the Google apps and software. More importantly, it means being among the very first phones to get upgraded to the new version of Android – seriously, many phones haven’t yet upgraded to Android 9 Pie

Android Q

We’ll likely get all the details about Android Q, the next version of the mobile OS that’s already been in beta for over a month. While it probably won’t be publicly released until later in the year (perhaps simultaneously with the Google Pixel 4, as has been tradition with Google’s phones), we might get a look at the cool anticipated features at Google IO 2019.

These include some long-desired perks rumored to come, like system-wide Dark Mode that overrides apps to get that beloved white-text-on-dark-fields look and Face ID-style facial authorization. 

Other suspected features prepare Android for the next year of phones, like support for foldable phones, more privacy options and additional developer tools.

Image credit: Android Police

Nest Hub Max (Google Home Hub Max)

Google might have accidentally shown off a new product in its connected speaker line – specifically a device that might be an upsized version of its smart-speaker-and-screen Google Home Hub that came out earlier this year. Evidence suggests it will be named the Nest Hub Max, but we predict it will be called the Google Home Hub Max to put it in line with the previous product.

While the original had a 7-inch screen, the Home Hub Max has a supposedly expanded 10-inch display. This would make it far better for watching media, either while relaxing or during a task (like a recipe or cooking tutorial). 

Crucially, this version is alleged to have a security camera, which the original Home Hub omitted due to privacy (and likely cost-cutting) concerns. 

Speech substitution

The events list for Google IO 2019 mentions Project Euphoria, which aims to leverage "Google technologies to give people with speech impairments their voice back." While it’s unclear what this specifically entails, it could be a new software app or a feature coming to Android, probably powered by machine learning.

As we pointed out when the news hit, there’s no guarantee that Project Euphoria will go live anytime soon – it could just be introduced as a feature coming in the future, as Google is wont to do.

Other stuff at Google IO 2019?

Google loves introducing new concepts at IO, but sometimes they aren’t nearly ready to be released right away. At least one feature that debuted at last year’s event is on this list: a mode in Google Maps that introduces AR overlays in the top half of the screen (a la Google Lens) while keeping the traditional map-and-arrow on the bottom.

As we said at the time, Google didn’t state when this  unified guidance mode would come out – and we’re still waiting. Perhaps this is the year that a ‘StreetView AR’ gets added to Google Maps.

  • We're expecting a lot of Android news out of Google IO 2019, and here are the best Android phones that will get those new features
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IFA GPC 2019 highlights: Sennheiser’s superb soundbar, an AI razor and a new 8K TV

Latest Tech News - Mon, 04/29/2019 - 18:05

Providing something of an early teaser for the massive IFA tech expo in Berlin in September, the annual IFA Global Press Conference offers a first look at new gadgets set to be shown off at the show later in the year.

This year’s event took place in Huelva in Spain over the weekend, attracting over 300 media attendees from around the world and it didn’t disappoint – delivering a number of intriguing announcements and unveilings, including an AI-powered razor, an 8K screen and a number of neat new appliances.  

For those who weren't able to attend, we've rounded up all the big news from the show and have categorized it by manufacturer below.

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar 

Sennheiser’s long awaited first foray in to the world of consumer speakers is edging closer. With its original prototype having wowed visitors at CES back in January, the final retail version of their 3D audio AMBEO soundbar was being demoed at IFA GPC ahead of its release next month. 

Packed with 13 separate drivers including two 3.5” top-firing speakers, the AMBEO delivers 5.1.4 immersive sound with compatibility with the three main 3D audio formats (Dolby Atmos, MPEG-H and DTS:X).

Using a combination of acoustic wave guides and digital processing, like most other soundbars, the AMBEO uses reflections off walls via its directional speakers to create a surround effect. On the evidence of our demo however, Sennheiser’s processing appears to be on another level to its rivals, with a real sense of height and separation of sounds delivered. This was particularly acute during a demo of a rainforest scene, with the sound of dripping water genuinely feeling like it was coming from a non-existent speaker behind us thanks to the convincing 360 degree soundstage.

Most impressive of all is its sheer power. With its bass response dropping to 30hz, while there’s the option of adding a separate third-party subwoofer, the amount of low-end the soundbar provides renders this option as all but unnecessary.

There’s no support for Apple Airplay 2 at this stage, but both Google Chromecast and Bluetooth (4.2) are integrated, as well as support for UPnP. On the physical input front, there’s three HDMI (v2.0a) inputs, one HDMI Out (eARC, v2.0a) as well as digital optical audio and aux-in.

The high-end performance will carry an unsurprisingly hefty asking price of €2,499  / £2,200, when it goes on sale on May 28 in Germany, UK, and Australia, while home cinema fans in the US will be able to pick one in early June for $2,499. 

A further barrier for some will be that in order to fit in all those drivers, the AMBEO has a fairly sizable footprint compared to other soundbars. As well as being almost 17 cm deep, its 13.44cm height will likely cause an issue when pairing it with TV’s that aren’t wall mounted. 

Nevertheless, on this showing the Ambeo soundbar is clearly set to be something of a game-changer for home cinema. With Sennheiser hinting at the show that they may be planning smaller speakers and systems in the future, the home audio market looks to have a new major player that’s set to shake things up. 

Philips S7000 Smart Shaver

Proving that beards can indeed be smart, Philips announced at the event that it will be releasing a new AI-powered razor. 

Nestling underneath its flagship S9000 shaver in its range, (thanks to boasting fancier finishing and housing), the new S7000 is nevertheless far more advanced, featuring its own dedicated app which helps to prevent skin irritation. The app works in conjunction with the S7000’s built-in Beard Adapt Sensor, which records dozens of measurements per second of hair density and direction and adjusts the blade accordingly to optimise shaving for each area of the face. 

Having transferred its TV business to a joint venture with TPV Technology, and spun off its lighting line, Philips now concerns itself primarily with matters of health. A big part of this focus is on those with sleep-related issues including insomnia and sleep apnoea. The big talking point of its new Smart Sleeping range however appears to be its new anti-snoring wearable which aims to tackle the problem which, according to Philips, affects around 40% of the world’s population.

The belt-like SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band works using “positional training”, with its built-in sensor first monitoring the user’s sleep positions over a period of a few nights. After learning your resting habits, it then delivers gentle vibrations when it detects that you’re lying on your back – the chief cause of snoring – prompting you to instead lay on your side. Philips claim the vibrations will be light enough not to break your sleep, unlike the sharp kick in the shins most suffers no doubt normally experience from their partners.

Hisense 74U9E 8K TV

Chinese manufacturer Hisense used the event to show off its new 8K TV, the 74U9E, due for release in Asia at the end of the year, with the US and Europe to follow early in 2020. The 75” LED display has an impressive 5,376 local dimming zones for improved contrast and it seemed to perform very well during an encouraging demo session with what appeared to be upscaled 4K content.  

It’s also set to boast a somewhat unique approach to sound: The prototype on show featured a subwoofer cleverly integrated into the set’s triangular rear stand. The 74U9E’s design is still yet to be finalised - there’s a fair amount of depth required to place the set on a table top thanks to the sub and it’s not yet clear if the speaker needs to be discarded completely in order to wall-mount the display.  

Nevertheless, while we weren’t able to hear the speaker in action, it certainly seems like an ingenious way of adding some decent low-end to the notoriously underpowered speakers commonly found on super-flat TVs. 

TCL's plan to take over TVs

While fellow Chinese rivals TCL didn’t have any products on show, a briefing delivered by Sales and Marketing Manager Frédéric Langin outlined the company’s hugely ambitious plans to become the world’s biggest TV manufacturer – with the company claiming it expects to increase sales in the UK by 50% in the coming year.

As well as revealing it would be joining Panasonic and Philips in supporting both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ with its 2019 TVs, the company also announced that their forthcoming ranges would feature printed OLED, QLED and Mini LED displays – with TCL’s next flagship TV set to use the latter technology, which will boast an astounding 20000 LEDs and 1000 zones.

Haier Candy Rapid'ò Washing Machines 

Having recently added white goods maker Candy to its stable alongside other big brands like Hoover and GE Electrical, Chinese firm Haier is fast on its way to becoming the world’s biggest home appliances manufacturer.

Judging by European CEO’s Yannick Fierling’s presentation, Haier looked to be making good on their aim of not just being the biggest, but the most innovative company in the market, after highlighting  some intriguing new solutions for everyday household chores from its upcoming ranges. 

Its new line of Candy Rapid'ò washing machines work in tandem with a dedicated app, which will feature a “Snap and Wash” option. Take a picture of your laundry pile and Haier claim the app’s sophisticated built-in algorithm will magically recognise the material of each item and then automatically set the appropriate program and maximum water temperature for the wash.

Arguably even more impressive was the new Hoover H-KEEPHEAT 700, which offers the tantalising prospect of being able to keep meals at the perfect serving temperature for up to two weeks - doing away with the need for freezing and re-heating dishes. 

Making use of its new Exever technology, the top-spec convection oven is able to keep its chamber at between 63 degrees Centigrade or 70 degrees Centigrade depending on what ingredients have been used, ensuring that the perfect temperature is used to preserve the food for a prolonged period.

Responding to questions on what sort of impact on energy consumption using the feature would have, a Haier rep claimed it would costs around 75p a day to run the oven in its  keep-warm mode. 

Safera Power Control Unit 

Among a number of kitchen appliances showcased at IFA CPC 2019, arguably the most important on display was that from Finish firm Safera, 

It’s new Sense smart cooking sensor aims to eradicate cooking-related fires – the current leading cause of domestic blazes. 

The simple, one primary button device is placed above the stove and can recognise different cooking events, set timers automatically and act as an alarm should it notices irregularities. 

As well as monitoring surface temperature and air quality when used with its corresponding app, the sensor can also be linked up to an optional smart plug called the Power Control Unit. This automatically shuts off electricity to the stove should the sensor detect dangerous heat levels. The sensor can also be linked to similar third-party options for gas stoves. 

Sense also offers support for voice control via Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, while Apple’s HomeKit digital assistant is also catered for. The sensor is available with a one price fits all fee of 149 pounds/euros/dollars depending on where you are in the world, with the Power Control Unitsold separately for the same price. The company is also working with cooker manufacturers to offer the sensor as an inbuilt feature, with several big name brands set to be named as partners in the coming months. 

  • Can't recall what happened at CES 2019? We've got you covered
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The Huawei P30 Pro camera just got even better somehow

Latest Tech News - Mon, 04/29/2019 - 15:37

We just updated our best camera phone page to name the Huawei P30 Pro the best for taking photos in 2019 (so far), and it's about to get even better soon.

The promised dual-view video recording mode has arrived in a software update, according to XDA Developers, and it allows you to capture video from two perspectives.

Specifically, you're now able to simultaneously record 'panoramic' and 'close-up video images', according to the official  EMUI release notes in China. In practice, this seems to record both standard and zoomed-in footage.

The update still needs to launch worldwide, but we know what the resulting footage looks like: it appears in a split-screen video format, as demoed below. (Sorry, Huawei P30 standard owners – the report only mentions the update coming to the P30 Pro.)

Why the Huawei P30 Pro is the best camera

The P30 Pro combines its powers of the main camera and the 'periscope' telephoto lens, which is icing on the cake. There are four cameras on the phone's rear (the above, plus an ultrawide and depth-sensing time-of-flight lenses) and one front-facing shooter.

The entire camera array handles low-light scenes without much trouble compared to its competition, and the 40MP main camera sometimes beats the Google Pixel 3.

As Huawei continues to tweak the software of the P30 Pro, we're destined to get an even better camera while we wait for the Google Pixel 4 to reclaim its crown.

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Samsung is making a vertical TV for all your Instagram Stories

Latest Tech News - Mon, 04/29/2019 - 14:56

Continuing the trend of creating new form factor screens, Samsung has announced a new TV for the South Korean market called 'The Sero' that can swivel to display videos vertically, similar to how you watch content on your phone. 

The Sero, a close cousin to Samsung's Serif and The Frame TVs, will be part of the manufacturer’s 2019 Samsung TV lineup and will also use a quantum dot screen similar to the ones we’ve seen in its other QLED TV series.

According to the specs provided by Samsung, the TV is 43-inches across from corner-to-corner and features 4.1-channel audio through its 60w speakers.

The Sero will also include Bixby. Because a TV this strange wouldn’t be complete without Bixby.

The Sero will be available exclusively in Korea for now with no international release in the near future – which is a shame, because at just 1.9 million won (around $1,600, £1,260, AU$2,300), there are plenty of influencers who'd buy it ironically.

 Vertical screens: fad or functional? 

Admittedly, even to us the idea of a vertical TV sounds a bit laughable - especially considering the TV’s eye-watering price tag.

And yet, while Samsung is really taking vertical screens to their limit, other tech companies are behind the idea of smaller vertical screens. Just look at the Facebook Portal, a Google Home Hub-type display that connects you with friends and family members on Facebook. 

Whether vertical screens will take off outside of the computing world remains to be seen, but you can't blame Samsung for not trying.

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VMB launches new 500MBps broadband for SMEs

Latest Tech News - Mon, 04/29/2019 - 13:51

Virgin Media Business (VMB) has launched Voom 500 business broadband to improve the connectivity of SMEs by offering download speeds of up to 500Mbps and upload speeds of up to 35Mbps.

This speed boost will allow the telecom's business division to deliver broadband service that is more than four times faster than the equivalent speeds offered by its rivals.

New and existing business customers will be able to take advantage of the new download and upload speeds on May 2nd.

Additionally, customers will be able to choose a range of additional options to suit their needs including increased upload speeds and support options.

Voom Fibre

With VMB's Voom Fibre, businesses will have a choice between three price plans and upload speeds with a number of add-ons and discounts on additional services to help them tailor the product to the specific needs of their business. Prices start from £30 per month though there are two additional options priced at £40 and £55 a month.

Managing Director at Virgin Media Business, Peter Kelly explained the company's decision to launch Voom Fibre, saying:

“We have, for many years now been the champions of small business, in particular entrepreneurs, through both our VOOM Competition platform and our Pioneers Community.  With the launch of Voom Fibre we want to unleash every small business by providing the digital backbone they need for their business. For UK small business to thrive in this evolving digital economy they should have the technical ability and capacity in place so they can focus on development and growth, we are removing a barrier and enabling them to fulfil their digital potential - offering them all the speed they need to achieve success.”

VMB is also helping SMEs connect with each other through socializing and developing their community. The community will be a UK-wide network of seers and providers of advice where a geo-located platform will enable entrepreneurs to share, co-create and collaborate with other SME owners in their local area.

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Europe lags behind in race to the cloud

Latest Tech News - Mon, 04/29/2019 - 12:42

New research from O'Reilly Media has revealed that Europe is struggling to keep pace with global cloud development.

The company's Evolving Data Infrastructure report also revealed that companies in the region have been slower than others to adopt the necessary tools and capabilities for cutting-edge solutions such as analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

European organizations are aiming to make progress this year by investing heavily in data solutions to catch up. However, persistent skill shortages may continue to derail the region's efforts to emerge as a world leader in future technologies.

Businesses in Europe have been slower to adopt cloud-based data infrastructures than the rest of the world with less than a quarter (24%) having used cloud in production for over four years. Surprisingly as many as a third (32%) of European companies say they are 'just exploring' cloud options and are yet to commit.

Looking to the future

Despite falling behind in cloud adoptions, European organizations broadly align with the rest of the world when it comes to their future priorities. The region has invested heavily in solutions that will help improve accessibility and usability of data with 59 percent building or evaluating solutions in data integration and extract, transform, load (ETL) processes.

When it comes to adopting DevOps modes of working, Europe has been slightly faster than the rest of the world with almost  half (48%)  of the organizations surveyed saying they are using specialized DevOps roles for machine cloud computing services and deployments, compared to 47 percent worldwide.

However, European progress in data infrastructure and analytics is being held back by skill shortages in several key areas. Data science talent is in especially high demand (47%) as well as data engineering (37%) roles. Companies in the region are also finding it slightly higher on average to fill roles in security.

Chief Data Scientist and Program Chair for the Strata Data Conference at O'Reilly Media, Ben Lorica provided further insight on the report's findings, saying:

“Innovation needs a strong foundation. Years of delayed investment and a reliance on legacy infrastructures may be holding European organisations back in the global race to the cloud. Yet, whilst they have some way to go before they achieve parity with their counterparts, it’s positive to see so many investing in data. A strong core of organised, clean and actionable data is crucial for any AI or analytics project. Provided companies become more competitive in attracting the best talent, 2019 may be the year that the continent turns a corner.”

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Samsung TV sale at Walmart: save up to $500 on Samsung 4K TVs

Latest Tech News - Mon, 04/29/2019 - 11:53

If you're looking to save money on a new TV, then you've come to the right place. For a limited time, you can find discounts on a wide array of Samsung TVs at Walmart. The deals include fantastic savings on Samsung 4K HDR TVs that even include 2019 models. 

A standout deal from the sale is the Samsung 65-inch 4K TV that's on sale for $597.99. That's a massive $500+ discount and the lowest price we've found for the UHD TV. The 65-inch TV features smart capabilities, so you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows all in one place using the Samsung remote. You can also control other smart home devices from your TV by downloading the SmartThings app. You'll enjoy a stunning picture with sharp contrasts and vibrant colors thanks to the 2160p Ultra HD resolution. The Samsung TV will also look good in your home thanks to ultra slim design and clean cable solution.

This week-long sale ends on Sunday May 5, so be sure to snag one of these discounted TVs before it's too late. 

See more Samsung TV deals below.

Samsung TV deals:

See more of the cheapest OLED TV prices and deals and shop other cheap TV deals and sale prices that are currently going on.

You can also learn more about our top-rated TVs with our guide on the best TVs of 2019: the big-screen TVs worth buying this year.

Learn more about Prime Day with our guide on Amazon Prime Day 2019: everything you need to know for the July deals event.

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GoDaddy shuts down 15k subdomains used in massive spam campaign

Latest Tech News - Mon, 04/29/2019 - 11:52

Web hosting provider and domain registrar GoDaddy has taken down over 15,000 subdomains following a two year investigation into a spam operation that tried to sell consumers fake products.

First users would receive a spam email promoting a product and if they happened to click on any of the links contained within the message, they would be sent to one of the fraudulent subdomains which were hosted on legitimate sites without their owner's knowledge.

All of the subdomains that were part of the scam shared one thing in common, they all sold products backed by fake endorsements from celebrities including Stephen Hawking, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Wolf Blitzer, the cast from Shark Tank and others.

In terms of the fake products being peddled on these scam subdomains, the majority were health-related such as CBD oil, weight loss pills and brain supplements.

Hacked GoDaddy accounts

The massive network of shady domains was first discovered by security researcher Jeff White at Palo Alto Networks two years ago and since then he has been collecting the spam emails sent out in the campaign and indexing the subdomain URLs promoting these fake products.

White shared his findings with GoDaddy earlier this year and the company then launched its own investigation into the matter in which it discovered that the group behind the scam had likely used either phishing or credential stuffing attacks to gain access to its customers' accounts.

After gaining access to a user's GoDaddy account, the cybercriminals would create a subdomain for their legitimate sites that would later be used to host shady product pages and lure users with spam email campaigns.

The web host has put the number of hacked accounts at “several hundred”. After taking down more than 15k subdomains from its servers, GoDaddy also reset the passwords for the accounts that had been compromised and notified the users that had been impacted.

In related web hosting news, ICANN, the organization which oversees the domain name system, has proposed an end to price caps on the .org, .info and .biz top-level domains. The move comes at a time when the domain name system has seen thousands of new extensions added over the past five years, all of which are free to set their own prices. If the change does go into effect, the cost of hosting a website could rise significantly over the next few years.

Via ZDNet

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The best free logo maker 2019

Latest Tech News - Mon, 04/29/2019 - 11:34

The best free logo maker will make it quick and simple to create a unique design for your business, even if you have no prior experience.

Image is important. Whether you're designing a website, coming up with an aesthetic for your company,or need an emblem for a project, a logo provides and instantly recognizable means of identification. It's something that companies put huge amounts of money, time and resources into getting right, but most people and small businesses are working with tight budgets, so it's just as well that there are so many excellent free logo makers out there.

With a little bit of time and effort, you can create a stunning logo without having to part with a single penny. If you don't fancy the idea of handing a bundle of cash to a professional designer or company, you can use one of the following free logo makers to see what you can come up with on your own. With templates and power image-editor-style controls, you might be surprised just how easy it is.

Image credit: Canva

1. Canva and Canva Logo Maker

A huge choice of designs and a drag-and-drop editor for customizing them

Canva is about more than just logos – you can use the site to design posters, banners, cards, invitations and much more besides.

There's a huge selection of templates and base designs to help get your started, and you can ensure that your creation will meet your needs by specifying the correct dimensions (in pixels, inches or millimeters) at the start.

An online editor makes it easy to add and customize graphics, images and text to your logo – just drag and drop into position, resize as necessary and tweak to your liking. If you're making a logo for a business or group project, you have the option of collaborating so everybody can put their ideas forward – a nice touch. 

Most design elements are free (certainly enough for you to create a great looking logo), though a few are only available to premium account holders.

If you're pressed for time and looking for a quick solution to your logo needs, Canva also offers a dedicated logo maker specifically for the purpose. Enter your company name, choose a category (options include schools, sport, music, car and food) and then pick a few logo designs that appeal to you, to give the app an idea of your preferred style. All the logos were made using Canva.

You’ll then be prompted to sign in, if you haven’t already done so, either using your Facebook or Google account, or by creating a new login using an email address. Making an account means you can save your progress and resume work on your logo later, on any device.

Once you’re signed in, Canva will create a logo based on your preferences, which you can tweak and edit to your heart's content.

Image credit: Logaster

2. Logaster

A minimalist free logo maker that produces crisp, modern designs

If your needs are modest, Logaster is a great service. You can create a logo online and download a small version free of charge, though a high-resolution file will cost £9.99 (about US$13, AU$18), and will be necessary if you need to print it.

A straightforward wizard guides you through the logo-making process and presents you with a number of templates to choose from. Once you've picked a design you can tweak colours and the overall concept, but there are no advanced image editing tools. Depending on your needs, that could be an advantage or a drawback.

Logaster's designs are all fairly simple, with a definite, identifiable look. You're provided with a zip file containing small versions of your design in a range of colour schemes. These are low-resolution, they're fine for using online as long as they're not enlarged.

Image credit: Online Logo Maker

3. Online Logo Maker

A powerful free logo maker full of advanced tools for more confident users

As long as you don’t need a large logo, Online Logo Maker could be just what you've been looking for. It features an impressive online image editor that you can use to create logo and business cards, combining text and images.

There are libraries are images and shapes that can be dropped into place, resized, repositioned and recolored. You can also upload your own graphics, if there are any you want to use.

There's support for layers, so it's simple to combine elements to create something that looks seriously impressive. Layers can be duplicated, and there are undo and redo options so you can try out idea non-destructively. Your logos are saved so you can come back and edit them whenever you want.

Small versions of your creations can be downloaded free of charge for use on websites, social media and email signatures, though there's a fee if you'd like higher resolution versions that can be used on letterheads, T-shirts and other printed materials.

Image credit: The Free Logo Makers

4. The Free Logo Makers

An impressive free logo maker if you need a design to use online only

The Free Logo Makers lets you create logos online for free – but that's not quite the full story. Although it's free to design and download your logo, there's a limited choice of sizes and formats. If you want large or vector versions, you'll have to opt for one if the three paid-for packages.

Whichever route you take, you'll always start with one of the sites' hundreds of logo templates. Browse or search through the massive selection, choose one you like, then begin customizing it. The online editor is very impressive, giving you access to a lot of tools, including layers, to help create the perfect, personalized logo. You can send your finished creation to yourself via email, or use the automatically generated code to add the image to your site.

Image credit: Squarespace

5. Squarespace Logo Maker

A quick way to create your own modern, eye-catching logo designs

Squarespace is a website building service, but it also offers a logo maker that you can use independently. Squarespace Logo Maker has a strong focus on simple, minimalist designs, which is perfect if you're looking for something stark and eye-catching.

After adding the text you want to use (up to two lines, such as a company name and a tagline), you can then add customizable icons. There are relatively few options to play with, but that's not necessarily a drawback, and means you can create an effective logo in just a few moments.

You can only download logos at a relatively low resolution without paying a subscription fee, and the image files are watermarked, but the watermark is so small and faint as to be all but unnoticeable. 

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The best free painting software 2019

Latest Tech News - Mon, 04/29/2019 - 11:13

Painting software has come a long way in recent years, and there are now superb programs available completely free that offer a realistic simulation of watercolors, oils, pastels, charcoal, and more.

These free tools work well with a mouse, but are even better with a stylus or touchscreen for direct control over your virtual brushes and pens.

Some of the latest painting software also lets you work in three dimensions, creating your own models and then applying your own textures and paint effects. You can combine these with 2D sketched elements to create scenes, and even print them in 3D.

Here, we’ve picked out the very best drawing software for Windows. Some of these tools are designed for serious illustrators, while others are better for keeping children occupied without the mess of real painting. There’s something for everyone – the only limits are your imagination and skill.

Krita is painting software designed with comic book artists in mind and offers a huge set of professional quality features (Image credit: The Krita Foundation)

Krita is professional-quality painting software created by a team of artists with the noble aim of putting top-notch creative tools within reach of everyone.

You can use Krita for any kind of drawing and illustration, but it's particularly great for comics and manga. There are panel templates, halftone filters, and perspective tools in addition to the usual brushes, fills and pens. Each brush is totally customizable, and you can save your bespoke brushes to use again later.

Right-clicking anywhere on the canvas in Krita will bring up a selection wheel that lets you pick a new tool and select a colour in seconds – a system that's much easier than trawling through menus and settings

Krita was created by artists for artists, and it shows in the dozens of thoughtful little touches that make it easier to create great paintings. There are handy drawing aids for creating straight lines, vanishing points and smooth shapes. You also get layers, masks, various transform tools, HDR support, and advanced selection functions.

Krita is an incredibly powerful painting program, and it's yours to download and use completely free.

Artweaver Free offers realistic media, with a great choice of brushes, paints and other tools (Image credit: Boris Eyrich Software)

Artweaver Free enables you to create beautifully realistic digital paintings by taking input – from your mouse, a stylus or, if you have a touchscreen PC, from whatever you feel like tapping the screen with – and applying ultra-realistic brush effects.

In addition to familiar brushes such as conte brushes, calligraphy pens and airbrushes you also get a huge range of patterns and pens, enabling you to produce very complex images with the minimum of effort. It’s layer-based too, so you can build up your masterpiece in layers without losing the ability to change anything.

Artweaver Free designed for artists of all ages, but we’ve found it particularly useful for children. Kids love experimenting with all the different brushes, and we love not having to clean up any mess afterwards.

Microsoft Paint 3D is great fun for kids, letting them turn doodles into three-dimensional models that can be painted and rotated (Image credit: Microsoft)

Like the classic version of Microsoft Paint (which is was originally intended to replace), Paint 3D offers a small selection of drawing tools for doodling on a flat canvas. However, the real fun happens when you click the 3D Objects button. Here you can pick a model to import (current choices include people and animals), or better yet, draw your own shape and ‘inflate’ it to turn it into a three-dimensional model that can be rotated and viewed from different angles.

You can choose a finish for your shape (options include matte, gloss, dull metal, and polished metal), paint its surface, and apply lighting effects. There’s no way to control the thickness of the 3D effect, so your object will always resemble something created with Puff Paints, but it’s great fun for kids of all ages.

Multiple models can be positioned at different depths and combined to create a scene, and you can even bring doodles into the real world if you have access to a 3D printer.

Fresh Paint works brilliantly on a tablet, where young artists can paint using the fingertips (Image credit: Microsoft)

Fresh Paint is another art app from Microsoft – this time designed to replicate the feeling of putting brush or pen to paper.

The interface really goes to town with skeumorphism, with a plastic palette of colours that splatter when you dip your virtual brush, showing which shade you’re currently using and making a pleasing splat. You can wash the bristles in a cup of water before picking a different color, or use one immediately after another to blend them together on the brush.

Fresh Paint can simulate watercolors, gouache, and all kinds of other material. As the name implies, you can interact with your work as though it’s not yet dry, smearing it and mixing colors together on the canvas.

Experienced artists will be able to achieve great results with tools that behave like their real-life counterparts, while kids and novices will make an equally realistic mess.

A professional-level painting program, MyPaint is incredibly flexible (Image credit: MyPaint)

MyPaint is the brainchild of artist Martin Renold, who was frustrated by the limitations of his Wacom tablet’s proprietary software and decided to take matters into his own hands. Today, the open source software is an accomplished tool for serious artists.

Its background as a Linux app means MyPaint works a little differently to most Windows apps, and it’ll take a little while to master its interface, but it’s well worth the effort if you’re a hobbyist illustrator and Krita’s focus on comics means it doesn’t quite fit your needs.

MyPaint works best when used with a graphics tablet, but you can also use it with any other input device, including touchscreens.

There’s the usual selection of customizable brushes, plus support for layers, and a handy scratchpad for creating sketches. You can also download and install additional brush packages created by other users – a perk of the source code being publicly available.

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AMD's 50th Anniversary Ryzen 7, Radeon VII parts paint your PC red

Latest Tech News - Mon, 04/29/2019 - 11:12

AMD's 50th anniversary is right around the corner, with May 1 being the official date. But, AMD has given gamers a couple reasons to celebrate early, as it has confirmed the release of special anniversary editions of it's Radeon VII graphics card and it's popular Ryzen 7 2700X CPU.

Both pieces of hardware are available right now, but will only be up for sale for a limited time.

Along with some incentives, both the Ryzen 7 2700X and Radeon VII anniversary editions come with price tags that match the standard editions. So, customers won't be paying any extra to get these parts and celebrate AMD's birthday.

Design changes and perks

The anniversary models are called the "Gold Edition," as AMD is celebrating it's Golden Anniversary (50th). Though gold is in the name, there's little gold about the products beyond the packaging.

The Ryzen 7 2700X Gold Edition has AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su's signature imprinted on the cover. Though, that won't be so visible when the CPU is slapped onto a motherboard and covered with thermal paste and a cooling system. The CPU costs $329 (about £255, AU$470) in the US, but is also available in from physical and online retailers throughout the Americas, Europe, Greater China and the Asia Pacific region.

The Radeon VII Gold Edition, meanwhile, takes the gray metal cooling shroud of the the Radeon VII and replaces it with a bold red shroud that Team Red fans will likely appreciate. It will sell for $699 (about £540, AU$990) in the US, and is available at

While AMD has made no mention of whether these are specially binned models that have higher overclocking potential, AMD is bundling them with some gaming goodies. Customers who buy them by June 8 will get a code for a free copy of the recent zombie shooter World War Z on PC as well as a free copy of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Gold Edition with all the perks (a Year 1 Season Pass included) that brings, as well as some in-game accessories.

Customers will also get an AMD50 sticker with Dr. Lisa Su's signature and a coupon for an anniversary t-shirt.

Special discounts on AMD products will also be available from April 29 to June 8. AMD has said some products will be up to $150 off at Best Buy in the US starting May 1.

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