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OminV~ App Suite (CRM) delivers the most flexible platform in cloud based customer relationship management software at a low per seat cost. We are proud of our application and its ability to be molded to fit most any business needs. Our (CRM) software can make managing your customers, support & help desk, billing and project management needs a snap.

We have spent the better part of a decade refining our platform and it's dependency tree model work for almost any business. Our OminV~ App Suite (CRM) can run one of two ways.


  • Hosted cloud (CRM) service provided by OmniV Systems.
  • As an intranet (ON PREMISES) based (CRM) appliance at your facility. 

    ​We custom build your (CRM) server and have it professionally installed at your facility. The server is built with your needs and data storage requirements in mind. Gives you the best experience and room for growth.

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Introducing TraX - Collections Software



Over the past few years we have been approached by numerous check cashing institutions asking if we knew of any way to accurately track returned checks. After an extensive search we discovered no workable method of doing so. Most people relied on hand written notes or spreadsheets to track checks returned to them. Some going as far as taking the returned checks behind them on a wall, hoping to collect on the debt. We found this is extremely inefficient and very damaging in collections efforts. Paperwork can be moved, lost or even misplaced. In addition to seeking the repayment of checks, the file management system can also be used to keep track of Money Orders, Wire Transfers, and Cash transactions.

Perfect for: Past Due Debt, Invoice Collections, NSF Checks, Bad Checks, Check Tracking, Account Closed, Refer to Maker, Bounced Checks, Check Fraud Collections and more...

Allows: Past Due Debt, Invoice Collections, Tracking Bad or Hot Checks, Track Repaymanets with Electronic & Printed Receipts, Create Custom Letters for Direct Mail or PDF's for emailing, Track Calls and Notes, Add NSF Fess, Court Fees & Bank Fees, Upload NSF Check Images, Upload Digital Scanned Documents sand more... 

Read More about our Trax - Retured Check - NSF Tracking 
& Collections Software System

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Regiscope Check Cashing & POS Software


For more information or to receive a quote, call 1-908-372-0453 x1. You may also email our Sales Department at or Contact Us via our Online Form.

Designed by check cashers and written by highly experienced programers right here in the United States, Regiscope Check Cam features top quality equipment and components including the signature Dual Camera Stand. Super reliable networking capabilities, both within stores and between stores, for ultimate data security. Benefits of Check Cam include, but are not limited to:
  • Increased speed of fund collection
  • Reduced need for credit lines
  • Minimized NSF check items - 1 Year Trax NSF Tracking & Collections(link is external) for 1 location included with purchase if new system. A service of OmniV Systems, Trax NSF Tracking & Collections(link is external) does not require Regiscope System for use and can be purchased separately.
  • OFAC Compliance - Comprehensive OFAC watch list screening for Specially Designed Nationals (SDN), blocked persons, and Patriot Act compliance
  • Compliance Reporting - Powered by OmniV Systems custom Regiscope NRRC